ASEAN Digital Master Plan

03:14 PM 02/04/2019 Print

To promote digital economic development, the Conference discussed measures to strengthen the role of ICT in coordinating and supporting economic sectors.

In the period 2015-2020, ASEAN has implemented many cooperation initiatives based on the ICT 2020 Master Plan (AIM2020), adopted at TELMIN 2015 Ministerial Conference held in Vietnam. In preparation for the next 5 years, ASEAN will continue to focus on developing the 2025 Master Plan, covering many areas associated with ASEAN development (Digital Master Plan).

The conference also identified priority areas in the coming time, including cooperation in digital capacity building and skills, digital transformation, digital data management, information security and digital ecosystem. The conference emphasized the role of the 5G in the development of Digital ASEAN, affirming the need to further promote the participation of businesses, schools, research institutes ... in economy and digital society.

In the field of information security, the Conference agreed to review and adjust the cooperation mechanism to meet the requirements in the coming period, focusing on developing and improving capacity and sharing information among sectors/fields at both national and regional levels through ASEAN forums, cooperation programs. 

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