Int’l Children Festival 2018 to highlight green planet

09:46 AM 24/05/2018 Print

A press conference to announce the International Children Festival VTV 2018 (Source:

The festival is an annual event organised by the Vietnam Television on the occasion of International Children's Day on June 1 to strengthen solidarity among nations in the region through the exchange activities of children.

Themed “For a green planet”, this year's festival features seven international teams from Russia, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, along with the host Vietnam.

During the five days of the festival, children will participate in activities such as a “Green Earth” art gala, visits to an aquarium, a safari park and a water park and group activities. 

The event aims to raise children’s awareness of environmental protection.

First held in 2016 under the name of ASEAN Children Festival, the festival was upgraded to ASEAN+ Children Festival in 2017 as the event attracted the participation of children from China and the RoK, together with their ASEAN peers.

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